Centennial Boots 👢- Elko, Nevada

Imagine our surprise when E found another Big Boot in Elko, NV at Albertsons grocery store! A quick Google search revealed that there are 30 Centennial Boots in Elko. What fun! We’re off on another scavenger hunt.

I didn’t find a hard copy map like we used in Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming. I didn’t find a list of titles for the art, so we made up our own titles for each boot that we found. The boots weren’t numbered, but I numbered them in this post in the order we found them.

#1. Albertsons Boot (Photo by E)

#2. Red Lion Casino Boot (photo by K – age 7)

(photo by E)

#3. Coca-Cola Boot

#4. Sweet Dreams Boot

#5. and #6. Courthouse Boots

#7. Battle Born Boot (photo by K age 7)

#8. Mosaic Boot

#9. Mountain Goat Boot

#10. Elko Boot

#11. Stars and Stripes Boot

#12. Picasso-ish Boot

#13. Basque Boot

#14. California Trail Boot

#15. Museum Boot

#16. Rusty Old Cars Boot

#17. Rich in Art Boot

👢 Which Elko Nevada Centennial Boot is your favorite?

6 thoughts on “Centennial Boots 👢- Elko, Nevada

  1. Hello, my name is Lyndsey and I’m reaching out on behalf the Community Foundation of Elko County. I’m hoping to get your permission to use one of your boot photos in a brochure I’m creating. Will you please reach out to me? LCrossley at nevadafund dot com

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