Night at the Gas Station ⛽️ – Fallon, Nevada

7/13/19 – Saturday

So, as I was saying in Shamrock ☘️ RV Park – Reno, Nevada, “we left in a hurry Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning”, because on our way back to the RV from “The Discovery” we saw this plume of smoke.

There was a wildfire blazing 3 miles away from the RV park. The wind was going in opposite direction and we weren’t in any immediate danger and 3 miles away is way to close for me!! So we packed up the rig in about an hour and headed on outta there ASAP.

We decided to dry camp at a gas station in Fallon, Nevada for the night. Pros: we got a head start on the drive and cut out an hour, we needed gas anyway, the kids get travel bento boxes 2 days in a row, the kids get movies 2 days in a row, we do not see any plumes of wildfire smoke. Cons: no sewer, no water, no electric hookup, we are staying the night at a gas station! We are nestled all nice and cozy, right in between a semi truck on the right, and a diesel motor home on the left.

If we had gotten that Harvest Host membership we might’ve been able to stay the night dry camping at a farm instead. Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it? <insert long sigh>

Then there was the discussion about the generator. Can we run the generator all night? How much gas will that use? A quick Google search revealed that it wouldn’t use that much gas but there is the risk of CO poisoning. Ok, generator off. We did not just flee from a wildfire to die of CO poisoning. Wait a minute, is that rig on our left running their generator all night? Yep, they sure are. Quick check outside and, yep their exhaust is totally blowing under our Winnebago. Great, now we are going to get CO poisoning from their exhaust. Aye-Yai-Yai. Pros: we kept the the slide outs in, the kids are asleep, we can probably fit somewhere else. Cons: it’s 11:00 pm, we need to find a different spot, we have to move this thing while the kids are sleeping. Aye-Yai-Yai.

7/14/19 – Sunday

We made it through the night without incident. Whew! We’re hitting the road again after a fun “gas station” breakfast.

If you ever find yourself in Fallon, Nevada. The “Fox Peak Centre” gas station was really quite lovely. The staff was extremely helpful, warm and friendly. The parking area was well lit and we felt very safe there.

Now we are headed east on Highway 50, nicknamed “The Loneliest Road in America”. The section we’re driving is also part of the historic “Pony Express” route. E and I were excited to just see a heard of wild horses. Sorry I wasn’t able to get a photo! They were cool.

Last time we checked on the Jasper Wildfire near Reno, NV it has burned 800 acres and was 0% contained. If you are under voluntary evacuation orders in the area, we encourage you to evacuate. Please don’t risk it. Sending our prayers to everyone threatened by the fire and all the emergency personnel responding to it. We ❤️ first responders!

3 thoughts on “Night at the Gas Station ⛽️ – Fallon, Nevada

  1. I was glad you got out safely. I did not like seeing the huge billow of smoke ascending into the sky as we were leaving Reno..Thank goodness it was not an immediate threat, and hopefully it will be put out soon. And, you got to experience yet another thing in your RV excursion adventure, (staying in a gas station parking lot!) Love you Muga

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  2. So glad y’all figured it out one step at a time 🙂
    I actually love gas station coffee and breakfasts lol !
    And I love that you saw wild horses! I thought we’ve seen some real lonely roads I can’t imagine a lonelier one haha

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