National Donut Day 🍩

Happy National Donut Day!

The following except is from, Wikipedia:

National Donut Day — celebrated in the United States, is on the first Friday of June of each year, succeeding the Doughnut event created by The Salvation Armyin Chicago in 1938 to honor those of their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.

They fried the donuts in a soldier’s helmet. Talk about resourceful cooking techniques!

Today we learned that donuts were first invented in New York. They were originally made by wrapping dough around a nut and then frying it. That’s why they’re called dough-nuts. The holes came much later.

We have been celebrating National Donut Day for the past several years. Any excuse for a donut!

This year, we also read some fun picture books about donuts.

In this story, the dog has his donut with apple juice. I think we will some apple juice and apple wedges for snack time today.

In this rhyming story, two chefs make up some crazy donut flavors when they compete to win the most customers.

My favorite donuts were the old-fashioned and the seasonal pumpkin donuts from Dolly-O Donuts in Paradise, CA. I hope you all can find time to grab a donut from your favorite donut shop today!

🍩 What is your favorite kind of donut?

2 thoughts on “National Donut Day 🍩

  1. My all time favorite donut is a chocolate old fashion with chocolate icing from Dolly-O Donuts in Paradise, CA. A close second is glazed buttermilk bars we got from a donut shop in New Hampshire.

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